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Creative Control Fest

Creative Control Fest
Creativity is the currency of the future. Firms, designers, artists, and individuals are learning now more than ever the importance of the creative and the competitive edge that a creative can provide. As a designer, creative, business owner, corporate representative, or just a fan of design, we are convinced that you understand the need for diversity.


The mission of the Creative Control Fest is to help grow diverse talent while providing exposure, resources, and opportunities in the design and creative fields.

Why CCF?

Simply put, we noticed a lack of diversity in creative fields and we decided to do something about it. This conference is aimed at the creative with an appreciation for cultural diversity and the profound impact that it has on areas of design. This is an opportunity to strategically attract, build, inspire and develop the best talent in order to bring clear thought, leadership, and insights in order to foster a creative culture with self-perpetuating diversity and inclusion. Derived from the need to unite creative professionals in our local and global community, Creative Control Fest is a conference to learn from industry leaders, create, and grow.
What is CCF?

Creative Control Fest is a young conference designed to bring together a diverse group of creatives. We recognize the glaring need to highlight and celebrate minorities in design and other creative fields. The creative class is the wave of the future and we aim to add a more diverse face to the landscape. CCF is a grassroots initiative that brings together the soul and technical ability of the art and design community. Attendees can expect exciting, fresh speakers similar to a TED conference, along with a creative vibe of SXSW or Weapons of Mass Creation in the heart of Ohio.

Why Columbus?

Columbus is home to more than 50,000 painters, writers, designers, and creatives in both traditional and non-traditional fields. Studies show that the city’s creative sector generates more than $5 billion in revenue. However, these statistics are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The creative sector is growing and we would like to see all creatives be a part of that.

What happens at CCF?

The conference starts with workshops centered on artist development and taking an idea from concept to production. The workshops are then followed by a speakers’ series featuring creative professionals and industry leaders and innovators in design, fashion, and other creative fields. CCF will also feature an art show, performances, and vendors in concert with the speakers’ series, culminating in a Celebration Concert featuring up and coming musicians. It is art, design, innovation, entrepreneurship, education, and more. This event is where creative professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, students, marketers, ad/marketing/pr professionals and fans will gather to learn, get inspired, collaborate, network, and celebrate together.


This event is geared toward anyone working in or seeking a career in the creative industry. This means graphic artists, writers, web designers, social media gurus, advertising/marketing/PR pros, and more. Basically, if you are interested in reaching an audience through a medium — whether for business or artistic purposes – this Conference is for you.

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